Spend And Earn Money In Cannis APP!

Spend And Earn Money In Cannis APP! | You guys know what is the in thing right now to make money online?  Live broadcast economy, online shopping, and the blockchain are among the thing. And all of that, you can easily achieve with Cannis App.

Spend And Earn Money In Cannis APP!

Cannis APP

Combining the online e- commerce, online shopping, live broadcast and blockchain, the CANNIS APP has covers daily basic like food, drink, entertainment, clothing, food etc, and stimulates a new wave of business models and drives the new wave of APP.

Cannis Group

Cannis is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and held a global launch conference at the Setia City Convention and Exhibition Center ( SCCC ) on August 18, 2018. It has a few offices in Taipei, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Penang, and a technical team in Hangzhou. It is the star of the most promising APP in 2018.

Spend And Earn Money In Cannis APP!

The chairman of Cannis Group is Her Royal Highness Crown Princess, the sister of Sultan of the Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Al-Haj, who has assisted hundreds of well known companies with very experienced corporate coaching experience. The Vice Chairman, Tan Sri Dato Sri Ong Tee Keat and the Chief Executive Officer is Datuk Dr. Azman Ching.

Ong Tee Keat said that the rapid growth of Chinese social media users, the penetration rate has risen remarkably, and the rise of the blockchain has overturned the current industry and social operation. Blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet are among the top three technologies that China needs to strengthen.

The Era Of Live Broadcasting

"Live broadcast has begun its social networking in 2016. The scale of China's online live broadcast was close to 58 billion yuan. The domestic analysis of China expects that the live broadcast industry will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2018. Today, the live broadcast has become a social phenomenon, and a commercial product too." Said the Vice Chairman. 

Spend And Earn Money In Cannis APP!

He believes that the live broadcast economy, online shopping, and the blockchain, which is regarded as a new technology that will replace the current network economy, will inevitably stimulate a new wave of business models, and Cannis will become a new era of Internet users, a compulsory App in smartphone.

“Cannis is a platform integrating program planning, product technology, operation promotion and data visualization. It has nearly 100 professional engineers and the team has strong research and development capabilities.”

Since March of this year, Cannis has successively acquired technology companies including Internet, online games, mobile devices, and big data sharing, and at the same time, it has become a partner of Google, greatly improving the readability of Cannis APP, and its system security

The World's First Fans And Followers Platform

Azman Chin said that Cannis is the world's first fans and follower’s integration platform. Nowadays there is no need to download multiple apps, as long as you have Cannis, you can meet all the needs of fans.

He refers to Cannis's business philosophy of “u think it, we build it ”, build a social media with the most comprehensive application function, and create the most suitable ecological environment for enterprises and fans, and gather the global user database together.

Spend And Earn Money In Cannis APP!

“Cannis APP combines the most popular seven functions of mobile devices, including online live broadcast, live e-commerce, online games, short video, social platform, discounted shopping and digital payment getway. It will accumulate more than ten thousand of users within 24 hours."

He said that Cannis is not only a stage for talents, ambitions and dreams for ordinary people, the payment system created can be used in 140 countries around the world, especially in Southeast Asia.

“In China, the market value of online store sales and marketing advertising revenues operated by live broadcasting has surpassed the film industry. The mainland report even more pointed out: influencers are more valuable than movie stars.”

Grand Lauch Conference of Cannis APP

Lots of entrepreneur and professionals from well-known enterprises, venture capital companies, blockchains and network-related fields from various countries such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea, India, Russia and other has attended the grand launch conference of Cannis APP

Spend And Earn Money In Cannis APP!

The main guests attending the conference included the technology, internet and blockchain industries, as well as leaders from the political and business circles, relevant industry associations in China, government agencies and related organizations. They are looking forward about the future development potential of Cannis APP.

The main guests present included the founder, chairman and chief capitalist Aaron Tsai, who is a professional capitalist in assisting Chinese companies to list on the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and GEM, and the president of the Korea Blockchain Association and the World Blockchain South Korea Ambassador Jason H, Guangdong, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Association Chairman of the Foshan Presidium and Foshan CPPCC member Dr. George So, Indonesian tourism and business platform co-founder Robbie Fanggetsu, and Russia CryptoOcean GmbH chief executive and founder Mr. Yuri Myshinskly , and Praneet Kumar, co-founder of the Global Blockchain Foundation from India.

Cannis App It is available on google play store but not Apple Playstore yet but it still can install from http://api.ickapay.com/download/index.html and follow the instructions there.

Website :  www.cannis.app
Instagram :  www.instagram.com/CannisApp
Facebook :  www.facebook.com/CannisApp

“you think it, we build it”

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Auni Sofea Auni Sofea 10 September, 2018
Saya bukan peminat Live Video sebab tak pernah buat live pun. Tapi Cannis ni memang surely akan jadi kegilaan anak muda masakini yang suka live broadcast. Kena cepat2 download di Apps Store la ni..
Sembang Kopi Sembang Kopi 10 September, 2018
banyak betul cara nak jana duit sekarang ye.antaranya Cannis ni.memamng berbaloi jugak kalau donload pps cannis ni.nanti nak cuba la.
Emilinda Emilinda 10 September, 2018
Macam best je cannis ni. Sebelum ni emi langsung tak pernah dengar pasal app cannis ni. Kiranya baca penulisan fadzi ni baru tahu. Nanti nak try install jugak la. Klu ok blh proceed , tak ok stop.
Mrs Liez Mrs Liez 11 September, 2018
All in one org kata.. xpayah nak beratkan memori hp dgn byk apps.. Cannis boleh buat macam2 selain shopping kan.. siap ada socmed, live broadcast yg mmg tgh IN sekarang
Zharif Azis Zharif Azis 11 September, 2018
baguslah apps cannis nie. manfaat 7 dalam 1. tak perlu isntal banyak2 apps dah lepas nie, install cannis je dh cukup. siap boleh buat duit lagi. masyuk betol !
JMR JMR 11 September, 2018
Macam pernah baca pasal Cannis apps ni..memang tengah in. Dah ramai dah start buat duit online..paling best feature 7-in-1 tu..
Ika Sani Ika Sani 11 September, 2018
Apps baru ye? Ika tak pernah tahu lagi apps ni. Nampak menarik boleh download dekat playstore. All in one tu yang tak tahan boleh save and buat smeua benda dalam satu aps kan?
Along Murni Along Murni 11 September, 2018
Wahh!! Aplikasi 7 dalam 1.. peluang business online yg mengujakan dengan pelbagai fungsi dan keistimewaan!! Wajib download nie..
Ibu Syurga Ibu Syurga 11 September, 2018
Bagus ada aps yang beri nilai tambah kepada pengguna macam kita ni kan sis fadzi. Elok kita manfaatkan sebaiknya
Lia Hasty Lia Hasty 11 September, 2018
Mula2 lia ingat Cannis tu jenama kosmetik tau. Rupanya apps baru dengan aplikasi 7 dalam satu. bunyi macam menarik. kena download app dan cuba ni.
Ibu Syurga Ibu Syurga 11 September, 2018
Terlalu banyak aps yang ada di pasaran dan masing masing memberikan kelebihan kepada kita untuk installa. Tak tahu pula nak install yang mana
Mama Hakim Mama Hakim 11 September, 2018
Makin banyak fungsi fungsi yang ada dalam 1 aps tu, semakin banyak sebab untuk kita install aps ni dalam hp
Azmi Writer Azmi Writer 11 September, 2018
Bila baca nama apps ni teringat pula pada cannabis. nama dia iras iras, fungsi pun lebih kurang. Kalau di gunakan dengan baik dapat manfaat, kalau tak bawa mudarat pada poket
bae best gadget bae best gadget 15 September, 2018
Cannis Apps ni aplikasi terbaru yang banyak fungsi . bagus sangat untuk pengguna atau bisnesman yang suka buat live .