Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Small spaces and small square-footage are becoming more and more pervasive in today’s real estate world. Newer property developments in the city are getting smaller and smaller, so steel yourself to face the tinier home sizes if you’re looking for a place in the city. And hey, if you’re not up to the task of decorating small spaces, you might be better of looking for a house for rent in klang, where square footage will be much larger than in Kuala Lumpur.

Of course, with small spaces comes the headache of having yet another issue that might derail your décor and design plans. One of the problems people often face with small apartments is the small bedrooms, where you might have scarcely enough space to fit a bed, much less anything else. Although cramped quarters can tend to make you feel claustrophobic, don’t fret. We have compiled a list of clever space-saving ideas that incorporate both a little strategic styling and creative organization that is sure to help you make the most out of your limited bedroom space.

Small rooms


Mirrors are every interior designer’s best friend. They are one of the best design ideas to visually enhance the size of any space. They trick the eye into perceiving that there is more space than there actually is. Consider adding a large floor-to-ceiling mirror, or even a large horizontal mirror, to reflect more light around your space. This helps to give the illusion of more openness in a claustrophobic bedroom. 

Mounted nightstand

A nightstand is an important catchall place for your knick-knacks. However, we don’t always have the square footage to fit one beside our beds. Rather, you can consider mounting a nightstand, or even narrow shelves, on the wall beside your bed to act as nightstands. This frees up valuable floor space. The openness of the space underneath the shelves also helps reduce its visual weight, enlarging the space in perception.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are another ingenious way to save valuable square footage. If you have a narrower sleeping space and just don’t have room beside your bed for a nightstand of any sort, try hanging a wall shelf above your bead instead to act as a catch-all for the things that otherwise belong on your nightstand.

High shelves

Mount or hang shelves on the walls to provide smart storage solutions for your this-and-thats. You can play around with different types of shelving, from narrower ones to those that run the length of the room. Hang them closer to the ceiling to really take advantage of wall space that is usually left empty and save up some floor real estate.

A window sill

Your window sill can be another idea to replace your nightstand. If you have a deep window sill, you can consider placing your bed by the window or even in front of the window. This way, you can really take advantage of all available surface space in your room. What’s more, the morning sunlight is a glorious sight to wake up to every morning.

Mounted mini shelf

If all else fails, here’s a good idea for a nightstand that takes up even less space: install a simple and small shelf beside the bed. Mounting it on the wall, again, leaves ample room underneath for anything you want. You can even paint it the same color as your walls to make sure it blends in and leaves minimal visual footprint.


General lighting such as the overhead fixtures are generally harsh and unattractive. So, it’s a good idea to add other forms of lighting, such as ambient and task lighting. You can add simple and non-space-consuming lighting such as wall sconces. You can even mount a table lamp to the wall. Unlike a floor lamp, these ideas help keep you keep your valuable floor space free.

A shelf-desk

Starting to see a trend here? Perhaps we might have an obsession with things mounted on the wall, but it serves its intent and purpose well. If you don’t have the space you need for a vanity or a small desk, a deep wall-mounted shelf can do wonders. It can do multiple duties such as as a desk, storage space, and a vanity. You can even mount it right by your bed and get rid of the need of a chair. That is, of course, if you don’t mind perching on the bed to do your work.

Double duty nightstand

If you have the room for it, you can add a desk beside your bed, and let it double as a nightstand. In a smaller space, making your furniture pieces do more than one job is vital in order to free up as much space as possible.

Simple color palettes

Although you might be tempted to go all out on color, sometimes a simple color palette is all that is needed to do the trick. Keeping your space in a simple color palette will ensure that your bedroom stays restful and calming. Although never say never to adding some bold accents.

Makeshift closet

If your room does not come with ample closet space, think about using a garment rack to act as a makeshift closet. Embrace it as an open-plan wardrobe that not only gives you storage solutions, but helps you keep an eye on what you have and how much you have. You can also hang a clothing bar across the top of your dresser to add extra clothing storage.  

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