5 Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts

5 Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts | Lately I got many friends who are waiting their delivery dates. I think it would be nice to give them some baby shower gifts not only to make them happy but at the same time I feel that by giving them these gifts would help them overcome their nervousness. I have some ideas of what baby shower gifts are perfect for this mothers and fathers to be.

5 Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts

I listed 5 ideas of what items are perfect for baby shower gifts 

Bump To Birthday - Pregnancy & First Year Journal

1. Bump To Birthday - Pregnancy & First Year Journal
I got to admit, I tend to forget too many exciting thing happened during my first pregnancy. And I regret that I didn't get myself a journal to keep track of everything that happened. A journal is a perfect gift for expecting mothers especially the one that combines pregnancy and first year journal with details of baby's development on a week by week basis. This Bump to Birthday journal is actually a multi award winning journal which is beautifully designed to inspire expecting parent to capture every precious details during pregnancy and during the first year of the baby. 

Personalised Children's Book In Two Languages Of Your Choice
2. Personalised Children's Book In Two Languages Of Your Choice
Love to see your name in print? So do I? Why not celebrate the baby's arrival with this personalized children book. You can personalized this book (originally TimTimTom's Underwater Adventure) to the baby's name. The baby would be the hero to this underwater quest to save an entangled sea turtle. Children love to be a hero, don't they. You can customized this book in two language which you can choose (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese - simplified or traditional). You can even personalize the name and the look to make this a unique for each child.  

Personalized Milestone Pregnancy Cards
3. Personalized Milestone Pregnancy Cards
Do you know what is the best part of pregnancy and parenting? Well, for me, the best thing is feeling the baby movement and watching your baby complete all those amazing ‘firsts.’ So why not snap a photo of your baby bump and of your baby with these beautiful personalized milestone cards to keep track of every big milestone? From feeling their first kick to finding out the gender and continue with the baby sitting up to smiling to running. It would be very fun to remember. At the end of the year, put them all together to make the best first photo book ever for you and your baby.

Home From Hospital Gift Set
4. Home From Hospital Gift Set
For me, gift set like this is very common but I guess it is the basic of everything a mom to be needed, isn't it? This gift set contains softer-than-soft pink star blanket, Cuter-than-cute bear fleece onesie and also a bunny comforter in matching color. All the three items can be customized with the baby's name or initial without extra charge. You can also choose either pink color (which is suitable for girl) or blue (suitable for boy). Oh come on, who does not like looking at babies in cute onesie right? Especially in onesie that has popping ear. The baby would definitely look even more adorable.   

Personalized Baby Shower Decoration Set
5. Personalized Baby Shower Decoration Set
This one is definitely for the mom to be. Wouldn't it feel great to make a mom to be happy by organizing a surprised baby shower with beautiful and amazing baby shower decorations? I would definitely want one to. This baby shower decoration set contains everything you need to decorate a baby shower celebration from invitation cards, plates, napkins, baloons and bunting for a lovely finishing touch. What makes it better is they come in unisex color combination. So, even you do not know what the gender is, the personalized baby shower decoration set is still a great fit to any celebration.

There you go. The 5 ideas of items you can buy for baby shower gifts for your relatives or your family. I think all the items I listed above are very suitable for mom to be and also their baby. You can find all the items above from Gift Less Ordinary. They also offer other personalized as well. Do check them out and you will be amazed what kind of thing they can make.  

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